Enriching corporate healthcare.

Healthy employees take fewer sick leaves. Absenteeism is 27% lower for workers who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Healthcare directly related to productivity of an employee. Hectic work schedules, long hours of sitting and stress cause a lot of health related problems for working individuals all around the world. As a company giving importance to your employee’s health, conducting regular health check-ups, providing health benefits and promoting fitness is important.

Enriching corporate healthcare

Healthier together.

Healthy work Environment

Creating a healthy working environment.

We at HealthAnlytx understand the hard work each individual does in their everyday life. So, we built a product which can help both corporations and individuals take decisions to lead a better quality life. Our customized solutions curate the best healthcare packages that suit the specific needs of each and every employee - right from blue collar to white collar workers.

Our solutions.

A strong, data-intensive, tech platform for employees to access our services swiftly and understand their current health state. Corporations can ensure that their employees are healthy, can recover faster and get the best treatment possible.

Predictive health analysis for each user by collating data of the individual’s lifestyle and medical history from EMR.

Mobile and web-based platforms for patients to access our services from anywhere, at any time. Users can also manage and track their family members’ health from one single platform.

Why should corporations use HealthAnlytx?

Overall assessment of employees’ health

- Evaluate current health condition of their employees

- Assess future risks

- Early diagnosis helps employees engage in their health

- Encourage users to make healthier life decisions

- Prevent some health conditions from even arising

Regular health check-ups

- Pre-employment health check-ups

- Annual health check-ups

- On premises health camps

Lifestyle management for employees

- Annual wellness

- Pregnancy care

- Mindfulness

- Posture improvements

Quality workshops

- Fitness classes

- Ergonomics

- Sessions for creating a safe workplace

- Stress management

- Diet and Nutrition management

Special corporate packages

- Symptom specific health packages

- Employee specific health packages

- Ailment specific periodic packages

Vaccination camps

- Prevents diseases through appropriate vaccines

- Helps the immune system develop protection

- Allows users the convenience of pre-setup camps

- Enhances quality of health in the easiest way possible

Benefits of using HealthAnlytx.

We provide personalized healthcare for employees to improve the lifestyle and maintain an ideal work-life balance. In such a way employees are able to perform better, faster and smarter. Thus, improving the working environment for the whole corporation.

We also provide at home services for the convenience of individuals and complete care. These services include diagnostics, nursing, physiotherapy, yoga, stress management and many more.

We put the needs of you and your employees first. We allow customization of healthcare solutions as per need to provide the most optimal health outcome for all.

Our platform predicts future risks, suggests ideal health paths, reduces travel expenses and other associated costs and enhances overall health quality.

Benifits of HealthAnlytx