the healthcare industry.

Advanced analytics in healthcare can allow accurate reporting of health conditions and the transformation of information into actionable insights that can eliminate inefficiencies and achieve better health outcomes for patients.

Empowering hospitals today, to create a better tomorrow for patients.

Providing quality healthcare.

Through our platform patients can easily access their medical reports and healthcare services digitally and get an overall understanding of their health. Our extensive data also helps hospitals understand each patient’s health conditions and accordingly provide them services that best suit their specific needs. In such a way, strong patient engagement can be established.

Quality Healthcare

Our solutions.

A powerful, technical platform that integrates with a hospital’s HIMS or legacy databases and curates all the data. The data is then analyzed, helping hospitals make the right decisions and increase overall efficiency

Online video/audio consultation for patients to reach their doctors at their convenience and get quick feedback for non-emergency conditions.

Predictive health analysis for each user by collating data of the individual’s lifestyle and medical history from EMR.

Mobile and web-based platforms for patients to access our services from anywhere, at any time. Users can also manage and track their family members’ health from one single platform.

Approximately 50% of the conditions can be diagnosed over the phone.

According to Dr. Fischer (A board member at the Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre Board).


Telemedicine can make remote healthcare possible.

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. Rapid changes in technology over the years has transformed telemedicine into a complex integrated service used in hospitals, homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Benefits of telemedicine

Increases access to care

A lot of patients can’t get the right healthcare because of lack of time and resources to get to the doctor. Telemedicine eliminates geographical barriers to healthcare. Patients can now have immediate access to medical care, from anywhere in the region. Telemedicine can be particularly beneficial for patients in medically underserved communities. It also allows patients with severe conditions to seek timely guidance over the phone.

Improves patient satisfaction

Telemedicine makes it convenient for patients to stay healthy, get regular checkups and engaged in their health care. Without the added hassle of traveling, patients can save time and get the right healthcare instantly. Patients love the ease and flexibility this brings.

Why should hospitals use data analysis?

Reduce administrative costs

By collecting data and assessing expenses, medical institutes can streamline their costs. Creating a budgeting process and making cuts/ substitutions ethically can help reduce costs tremendously. The additional money can then be used for R&D or other facilities. In such a way the resources are allocated better.

Eliminate fraudulent behavior

By using a secure platform and tracking payments, hospitals can reduce fraudulent attempts and secure their patient’s private data. This considerably reduces the time and money spent on dealing with such situations.

Enhanced care coordination

Hospital departments often function separately, which leads to mismatched information. This causes delays and inefficiencies, in turn, affecting the quality of services provided. By using targeted metrics and insights to identify gaps in the internal processes, institutes can increase efficiency. This information sharing can also be across hospitals. With a platform that allows easy sharing and tracking of critical information medical institutions across the country – or even the world – can share vital patient information.

Predictive analysis

By analyzing the patient’s medical history, family history, and current health conditions, hospitals have the potential to predict the health of the individual. In such a manner, they can identify problems and guide patients to make improvements in key areas before the condition even arises or becomes serious.

Customized care for patients

Medical institutes can guide patients to a healthier path. This can be done by using their medical data to create a specific path based on the individual’s body requirements. Not only is this valuable for a patient’s aftercare, but is also critical to prevent relapses.

Why should hospitals use HealthAnlytx?

Easy tracking through the admin portal with modules of both patients and doctors.

Efficient management of end-to-end operations with dashboards and KPIs.

Quick access to Patient’s EMR and functionality to upload updated records

Exclusive platform for doctors to interact with patients as required.

Real-time tracking of all consultations.

A secured platform for online payments from patients.